Stay Ahead of Emergency Power Outages

June 29, 2018

Stay Ahead of Emergency Power Outages

How Powerbanks are Making a Difference During Hurricane Season

Every year starting around June 1, hurricane season starts to ramp up in Florida. These storms bring in torrential downpours, powerfully destructive winds, flooding, and power outages that affect thousands of people all across the state.

That means that being prepared isn’t just a priority, it’s a necessity; especially when it comes to keeping a smartphone, laptop, or emergency equipment charged up and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Big Storms are Coming 

As summer starts to ramp up and the beach sand begins to look inviting, the storms are just waiting for their chance to wreak havoc.

In fact, weather teams at Colorado State University and North Carolina State University have both predicted 14-18 named storms to happen over Florida in 2018 alone. Seven which would be categorized as having hurricane strength, and three to five actually becoming Category 3 or higher major hurricanes.

This means an increase in major residential and commercial damage, including:

  • Winds ranging from 74 to 155 mph
  • Massive floods and water damage
  • Loss of power or electricity
  • Potential loss of life

 How serious are these storms? Take the well-known Harvey, Irma, and Maria hurricanes. These three storms combined to cause more than $344 billion in global economic losses.

That’s why it’s imperative that you have the power to keep important devices charged up or run essential home items should all else fail.

Florida Storm Pal Trees in High Wind 
Don’t Get Caught Without Help

When our home power goes out we lose more than just the ability to watch TV. No electricity means there’s no way to keep our phones charged up and call for help; your laptop dies so you can’t find out where to turn to for help; and important essentials become dead weight.

But by planning ahead with even a small emergency power source could save your life or the lives of your family members. And that doesn’t mean you have to rely on bulky, resource-hogging, gas-fed generators—which can be just as useless when fuel shortages become one more problem.

In fact, proactive cities like West Palm Beach have decided to stay ahead of the changing winds by relying on compact, portable powerbanks, created by Crave.

“We helped provide a two-prong solution for the City of West Palm Beach in terms of providing portable power for pumping and waste water operations teams for the 2018 season,” says Vitaly, VP of Crave. “We supplied the Crave Travel to keep mobile phones charged up and the PowerPack to keep laptops running and for general emergency backup power.”

Crave PowerPack Emergency Backup Power for laptop phone and tablet

The Crave PowerPack in particular features multiple charging connections to let you keep all your gear ready on the fly.

It even includes:

  • 20V/3A Output Port
  • 12V/2.5A Output Port
  • Two (2) 5V/1A Output Ports
  • Two (2) 5V/2.1A Output Ports

That means you’ll have seven distinct ports that you can use to charge several devices at once, be it your own tech or an entire family or office. In fact, it can charge a standard phone up to 15 times, a tablet up to 3 times, a laptop twice, and a wide range of other vital emergency gear.

No Power, No Problem

Powerbanks have become the go-to for a wide range of people packing personal and professional emergency equipment because they’re designed to be ready for long nights where power is a must.

Available in multiple capacity sizes to suit everything from daily home and work needs, traveling across country, or even camping and emergencies, these external battery chargers provide the kind of reliability you need when a storm decides to sap you of power.

Designed to charge up smartphones, laptops, and other USB-powered gear, Florida’s coastal cities are quickly understanding that without proper communications the entire response chain begins to bog down.

 Maria Hurricane Damage

Reliability in Times of Crisis

Whether you’re planning to outlast that big storm, or you just want to have a few more creature comforts when you’re camping, there’s nothing more vital to your daily life than having a bit of power to keep “the lights on.”

When you make the proactive choice to purchase a powerbank, you’re not just making your daily life and travels easier and more convenient—you could potentially be saving yourself and your family from disaster by having reliable power with you at all times.

 Florida and coastal states are guaranteed to have storms that knock out the power, make life harder, and generally cause havoc that will make it hard to recover. The least that you can do is make is safer and less stressful by keeping your important mobile devices and gear charged up when it all seems a bit overwhelming.

There are currently four distinct portable chargers and powerbanks available through Crave, each with their own distinct power capacities and amenities.

These include the:

 Crave Slim Power Bank charging an Apple smartphone iphone

These powerbanks are ideal for emergency situations because they:

  1. Charge multiple mobile devices and equipment simultaneously
  2. Provide a stable, consistent, long-lasting charge so devices keep going
  3. Retain a charge for long periods of time so they’ll be ready when you need them
  4. Automatically adjust charging speeds to safely power up your devices
  5. Let you keep devices charged wherever you need to go to be safe

If you’d like to know more about each of these products or Crave, please click the links above or visit the main page at

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