4ORCE Cable - 4 ft Lightning to USB-A Black

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Introducing 4ORCE Cable, the strongest USB cable! Made with 4ORCE Fiber and advanced organic compounds, it features tin-plated copper braiding and aluminum foil shielding for ultimate durability. Even Bill Goldberg couldn't break it! This 4 ft Lightning to USB-A cable is available in black.


  • 4 ft Lightning to USB-A Black cable
  • Made using 4ORCE Fibers
  • Covered by a nylon braiding
  • Includes a tin-plated copper braiding and an aluminum foil shielding
  • Can withstand extreme forces


  • The strongest USB cable
  • Protects your connection from static or electromagnetic interference
  • Durable and tough
  • Can withstand extreme conditions and usage
  • Reliable and long-lasting