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  13. 4ORCE Cable - 4 feet
  14. 4ORCE Cable - 4 feet
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4ORCE Cable - 4 feet

Cable Type

There are always these wild claims by companies that say they’ve done all this testing and tried all these things to prove they have the best charging cables; and then there’s Crave, and we said, “Yeah, but did you see Goldberg pull a DC-3 airplane with it?” 

Whats it made of?
4ORCE Fiber contains an advanced organic compound called phenylenediamine which is then covered by a nylon braiding among other things. Inside each sheath is a tin-plated copper braiding and an aluminum foil shielding which helps add more strength but also repels static or electromagnetic interference. In other words, it protects your connection no matter how tough the road ahead may be.

How Strong is it?
So tough and durable, we were sure it could withstand anything. That’s why we pitted it against a man known for throwing other giant men around like ragdolls—Bill Goldberg

Still not sure its strong enough?


You Break it, we replace it!


**Lifetime Warranty covers regular use for charging devices and data transfer. We do not endorse using the cable for any other use. Warranty void for water damage or if damaged in any other use outside intended purpose


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